Toning and shaping your body may seem like a lot of work – when in reality all you have to do is find the right ways to do it.

Pilates is one of the best ways to tone and build up strength, as well as focusing on your breathing and posture. People sometimes seem to mix up yoga and pilates, or say ‘what’s the difference?’. Well one of the main differences between yoga and pilates is that pilates builds your core, adds up muscle and tones your body. For the most part yoga is about  breathing, finding your balance and posture. There are some similarities between the two – but in many aspects they are different and benefit you and your body different ways.

Eating three meals a day is also an important way to make sure your body stays toned and healthy. Snacking during the day – if at all – should be light. Something like apples, carrots, a small salad or even just drinking water can feed your hunger as well. The biggest meal of the day should be your lunch, fill up on your greens and make sure you follow the guidelines in a food nutrition book to make sure you’re getting the right proportions of each food group. It is also important to remember to not eat anything after 7 pm. Again, if you’re hungry fill up on liquids.

Walking or biking instead of driving is also a good idea. Of course, if the place you’re going is in distance . Not only is that easy exercise – but is also good for the environment. Make sure to have proper footwear while walking, nobody want’s to have sore feet.

Remember – virtually anything is better than sitting around!!


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